In 2009, my friend, and master woodturning artist, Bryan Warner, took me into his shop and taught me the basics of using hand tools and a lathe to produce woodturnings. The freedom to express myself through the beauty of wood has been a passion of mine ever since.  

Native American pottery, primitive  to modern,  inspires  the design of my woodturnings.  I am in awe of  the beauty and diversity of  its clean, simple form and basic decoration. Each piece speaks of  the earth and tells the story of its creator. In my opinion, it is the quintessential art form.

I try to always use reclaimed wood from naturally fallen branches or trees for my woodturnings. Living in the moderately well forested area of Western Kentucky means that I have never wanted for wood for my art. Most reclaimed wood is damaged by insects, rot, disease or other stress that would have made it fall or have to be removed in the first place. Of the wood I collect, it is the damaged wood that I find most fascinating and challenging.

The support and appreciation I receive from the incredible people with whom I come in contact will always motivate me to be more creative and productive.

I am deeply grateful for each of you who have shown an interest in my work! You bring joy to my spirit!

Jack Kerr Art